At last we are enjoying a run of good weather and thanks to the Green Man the sun has been shining over the Clun valley and the forecast is good. All our indoor jobs are completed and we are really proud of Keeper’s new bathroom and the bedroom carpet. Time to get out into the garden, there are a few gaps so I need (!!!) to go to the garden centre. October’s pots have lasted well and the violas are still going strong but I do feel that I need to get some more vibrant colour to complement what is in the garden. We are about two to three weeks behind so I am crossing my fingers that the roses will be late enough to feature when the garden is open for the Church in June (24th Clun Gardens Open – lots of hidden treasures to explore plus plants to buy and afternoon tea).

I have been very remiss in not completing this blog earlier but life has been busy and nice weather is too much of a temptation – outside is so much better than in! The cottages are busy and our guests are enjoying sitting out with their feet up after a day sight seeing or walking. The garden pots are planted up with geranium and lobelia, most of the beds are weeded and believe it or not one of  the water butts has run dry already.

Those who know me well know that I compete in Working Tests with our younger Spinone and having progressed into the Open group, training has been my main priority this year as the transition from Novice to Open can only be described as a total shock! I have taken part in one test with mixed results, Vita is a total swimaholic but on the day when I asked her to cross some water to retrieve a dummy she looked at me as though I was completely mad. Ah well that’s dogs for you.