We are so sorry that we can’t have you here with us but we can share some photographs of the garden now that spring is here. It was a difficult decision as to whether I should publish this photograph or one of the Portuguese Custard Tart that I made for our lunch! It is difficult to find pudding recipes for two so we just have to eat more – ah well.

We realise that we are incredibly lucky to be able to walk in our field to exercise the dogs and our 30 minutes of brisk walking to help keep ourselves fit. We have been taking part in an online dog training forum through Face book, I have never been the biggest fan of this type of media but am now finding it a great way of keeping in touch. The tests have been set by dog trainers and we have filmed ourselves using mobile ‘phones which are then posted on Facebook for all to see. It has been great fun and helped give us focus in our training regime. All competitions have of course been cancelled so this is a great way of keeping going.

Will keep in touch via this blog – I hope that you are all keeping well and safe and many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to drop an email and wish us well.

Keep calm, keep safe and stay at home – that can’t be said too many times.