Not my usual type of picture for our blog page but just to prove that it is not all work here ( even if that is gardening ) we do get out to play as well. Peter has been training the new puppy and entered her for her first test in May. He achieved a fourth place in a field of sixteen so well done him !! And Taz of course. To celebrate we had a great lunch at the Cliffe Hotel , Ludlow. It was a delicious experience. The hotel is tucked away over Dinham Bridge and is definitely a “hidden gem”. Our food was delicious and imaginative. the Chef having previously worked at Mr Underhill’s ( which is now closed ) one of Ludlow’s Michelin Starred Restaurants. It is quite apparent that he has not lost his flair. They have a programme of special evenings some of which team them up with The Fish House a fresh fish shop in Ludlow. Certainly worth a look. Where next for another great lunch! Peter will have to increase his gym attendance.

Garden News

It is just over a week to go until the Open gardens and the weather has not been very kind to us. Heavy rain has flattened some plants and some buds are going brown and rotting without opening. Having said that the forecast is much better for the week ahead and I hope that an increase in temperature and some sun will bring everything out at the right time – including this fair weather gardener who looks at the borders and thinks ” maybe tomorrow”!!!

And Indoors

Indoors we have replaced the settees in The Gatehouse. The big leather settee has gone to another home and we have replaced it with two x two seaters. I have found that this gives more flexibility and by adding another lamp much better lighting. I am always amazed by how small changes can really alter the feel of a room. I hope that everyone will like it too