Hurrah we are back open again and enjoying welcoming our guests to Pooh Hall. They are a few slight differences as we do not put out a tea tray and the majority of your Welcome Pack will be in the freezer. However the view remains the same, the walks are still the same and there is still a very warm welcome. Shropshire is such a quiet and beautiful county you can assured of relaxing and recharging those batteries.

As we had a long break at the beginning of the year we will not be taking a November or December break ourselves so please do check our calendars for availability. We will decide – and keep you all up to date – with our plans for January and February.

The hydrangeas are beautiful so I am sharing a photograph of them with you all. The roses have also done well and I have thoroughly enjoyed the extra time in the garden this year.

Keep well everyone and we look forward to seeing you soon -if not this year then next.